Urdu poetry (اُردُو شاعرى‎ Urdu Shayari) is a rich tradition of poetry and has many forms. Nowadays, it is an integral part of the cultures of South Asia. Urdu’s 5 big poets which are Allama Iqbal, Mirza Ghalib, Mir Anees, Mir Taqi Mir, and Josh Malihabadi. The Urdu language reached its peak under the British Raj, and it obtained official status. All famous Urdu language writers including Mirza Ghalib and Allama Iqbal were given British scholarships. Following the division of India in 1947, it found big scholars and poets were divided along the nationalistic lines. Although, Urdu poetry is cherished in both nations. Both the Muslims and Hindus from across the border continue the tradition.

It is essentially performative poetry and its performance, sometimes impromptu, is held in Mushairas. However, its tarannum saaz has gone through major changes in recent decades, its popularity among the masses remains unaltered. Mushairas are today held in metropolitan areas globally because of the cultural influence of South Asian diaspora. Ghazal singing and Qawwali are also vital expository forms of Urdu poetry.

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