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Islamic Names and Meanings – بچوں کے اسلامی نام اور انکے معنی

Islamic Muslim Boys and Girls Names and Meaning in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and English

Are you looking for the perfect Islamic Muslim name for your newly born baby? Then this is the right place for you! On this page, you will find a large collection of Islamic names with good meaning and easy-on-tongue phonetics. You can find all ideal Muslim names here to select for your loving child. Here we have an entire Muslim name list you can choose the best Muslim name for your newly born. Many Muslim baby names are available on the Online Urdu Poetry Names Meanings Section.


Let’s also review the real idea of a “name”, before we move forward.
A Name is a gift we receive upon obtaining physical existence in this world. It is a prayer from our elders which steadily becomes our identity. Let’s suppose a child is born into a family, she has been gifted the name, “Maryam” which means “VARIANT OF MARY: BITTER, MOTHER OF JESUS”. As she grows up, it becomes her identity.
Our lives, we think a name is just a reference to our beings but in actual, it helps more than just the reference. Kings and sultans wished for their children, powerful, strong and rich names so that when their children are referred, they are more complimented than just being referred. These tributes in the form of names work as confirmations or say wishes for your children. If you call brave to your son, your son is more likely to concentrate on his trait of being really brave. And that is why you should all the time explain thoroughly to your children about the names they have so they can be extremely influenced and feel complimented all the time they are called by their names. Let them know what names they have, their meanings and how they are best fit for them. This is the first stone you set for your children’s self-reliance growth.
It’s very important to pick the right name with relevant meaning for your beloved baby. Once you understand how essential and valued names are, the next move is to begin finding it.
Being born in a family of Muslims is surely a blessing and the newborn is introduced to the family by giving ‘Azaan’ in his/her ear and by pronouncing perfect Islamic names with relevant meaning. Islamic Muslim name means any name which has suitable meanings or is well-meant. Muslims like to follow Prophets and their wives, Walli or Sufi’s name to gift names to their own children so as they grow up, the effect of name show in form of resemblance between their baby and the personality whose name they have taken from.
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