Allama Iqbal poetry needs no introduction. He is the most celebrated philosopher, poet, barrister and scholar of all times. In 1922 Allama Iqbal received the entitle of “Sir” from fifth King George. Apart from being the poet of South Asia, Allama Iqbal also loves the status of “Mufakir e Pakistan”, “Hakeem-ul-Ummat” and “Musawir-e-Pakistan”. He became Pakistan’s national poet after independence. His fame creation “Sare Jahan Se Acha” became India’s national song.


Respect as the spiritual father of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal owns an important place in Urdu poetry and literature. Allama Iqbal poetry collections disclose his intellectualism and wisdom that had motivated the Muslims of the subcontinent for the struggle of freedom. Allama Iqbal’s Shayari has been narrated in Persian and Urdu languages. Allama Iqbal’s Shayari in Urdu has been extremely motivating and interesting for Indo-Pak readers. Allama Iqbal’s poems in Urdu are exceptionally inspiring that ignited the love of freedom among Muslims of the subcontinent. He was the first who invoked Pakistan’s philosophy in front of sub-continent Muslims through its Urdu poetry. In 1915 Iqbal’s first poetry book, Asrar-e-Khudi, published in the Persian language, and other books of poetry include Payam-i-Mashriq, Rumuz-i-Bekhudi, and Zabur-i-Ajam.


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