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Aajra – آجرہ

Aajra Name Meaning In Urdu (Girl Name آجرہ)

Meaning of Muslim Girl Name Aajra - Islamic Baby Girl Name Aajra Meaning & Pronunciation

Aajra (آجرہ) Is A Muslim Girl Name, With Various Meaning, The Perfect Aajra Name Meaning Is "Worker" And In Urdu, It Means "کام کرنے والا". The Name Is Arabic Originated, And The Luck Number Is 8 Which Is Associated With Islamic Name Aajra. Also, Find Other Important Details About Aajra Name On This Page Like Favorable Days, Adjustable Color, Compatible Stone, Compatible Metals, And More...

آجرہ اردو نام
Aajra انگریزی نام
(Girl) لڑکی جنس
(Arabic) عربی زبان
(Muslim) مسلم مذہب
(Worker) کام کرنے والا معنی
(Worker) کام کرنے والا تفصیل
(Eight) 8 لکی نمبر
(Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) اتوار, منگل, جمعرات موافق دن
(Golden, Orange, Red) سنہری, نارنجی, سرخ موافق رنگ
(Green Precious Stone) سبز قیمتی پتھر موافق پتھر
(Copper)تانبا موافق دھاتیں

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